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How it works !

process flow
1. You register with your US mobile number and email id.
2. Add your India family members and friends you like to recharge for talk time and data.
3. Add credit(min $10.00) to your account in USD using US credit/debit card. Based on google finance currency buying rate of previous day will be used to convert your credit from USD to INR when you do recharges.
4. Select the family member phone you like to recharge and
5. Do recharge.
6. Your credit will be debited in USD when you do the recharges.
7. You can repeat step 4-6 until your credit is available or select the auto recharge option to add credit automatically when the credit goes below 25% of your default balance.We would use your payment option on record to add credit.
8. All of your transactions recorded and can be monitored from the App.
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