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Who are we ?

We are bunch of IT professionals want to make the life of technologically challenged people little easier via software.

Our Mission is to free people in India from dependency in going to physical store for any kind of recharge purchases like mobile data/talk time recharge, DTH, etc.
As of now, we are aware of our loved ones phone no, however we seldom think about the efforts required on their side to be recharged all the time.
Most of the time,it involves a third party to get this job done.This effort becomes more challenging in rural areas than urban India.

We provide a way to empower those and would be able to get these services 24 hours a day 7 days a week from virtually anywhere.

MySambandh is specifically designed for NRI's who's loved ones live in India and be able to in touch anytime online they without the hassle to think about recharging their friends and family mobile devices for data or talk time in India from outside India.

This App allows you to be in control of online communication by keeping their mobile devices recharged automatically by you.

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