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FAQ'S about the APP

MyAccount Tab:

In this tab, you can register using your mobile number and email id. Only after registering yourself, you will be able see and use other tabs.

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MyFamily Tab:

In this tab you can see all registered family member details
+Family: Click To add new family member or Click on the phone number to see more details about that family member on new screen
Recharge:Click to recharge this phone no.

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Family member details :

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Payment Info Tab:

Here you can add credit to your account using USA credit/debit card.
Payment Methods on Record:Here you can see all your saved cards. Select a card and click on proceed to charge from that card.
Add New Payment Method :Here you can add new credit card and charge from that card
Save and Add Credit :Saves the new credit card and charges from that card, stores the stripe customer id for future use
Cancel :Takes you to MyAccount tab.
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Disclaimer and Payment processing disclosure:
We use Android Stripe Payment APIs for all of our payment processings.
1. We collect your card info and submit to Android Strip Payment system to get your customer id.
2. We store your Andriod's Stripe customer id last4 digits only and use it for current and future payment processing.
3. We do not store any other card info in our system.
4. All card validations are done by Android-s Stripe Payment APIs. My Transactions Tab:
Here you can see all your transactions including adding credit and recharges till date.
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Do Recharge Tab:
Here you can recharge any mobile Number. The India phone numbers are not restricted to your registered family members alone.
Do Talktime Recharge Only: Click this option when you want only talktime recharge - Convenience fee of USD $0.50 applys per transaction.
Do Data Recharge Only:Click this option when you want only data recharge - Convenience fee of USD $0.50 applys per transaction.
Do Both Recharges: Click this option when you want both talktime and data recharges at once - Convenience fee of USD $0.75 applys per transaction
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